To make a Donation

 By check : When sending a check to Phenix Project, please fill out this form (pdf doc to print) and enclose it with your check so that we have your contact information on file (Word doc). In this way we can keep you updated with the progress of the Phenix Project.

 By bank transfer : The information that you will need to make a bank transfer can be found in this document : RIB and IBAN

 By credit card or PAYPAL : Click on the button below and follow the instructions.

What are the differences among the three possibilities ?

 A check is the simplest way to make a donation. And if you are using a check from French bank, there are no bank charges.

 A bank transfer is recommended if you have foreign bank account. It is preferable to a check because to cash a check from a foreign bank incurs considerable bank charges (~18€). Charges may also occur from the issuing bank.
If you have a French bank account and you are accustomed to making transfers (by Internet for example), the bank transfer charges are minimal and it is more practical than a check.

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